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More Than Christian Rock Music


Music Guided Retreats

We offer half and full day retreats as well as 

"Preach & Play" events, designed for people of all ages, tying themes presented in the music to reflections and talks facilitated by Deacon Andre and selected ministers.

Topics Include

Seeking God

Our Response of Prayer Accepting God's Will

Strength in Challenges

Sanctity of Life

Culture / Counter-Culture

Love & Marriage

Praise & Worship

"Upon This Rock"

A Musical Revival!

CALLED offers an evening of excitement, beauty and prayerful mediation. 

Our experience of music and prayer will kindle the Spirit in everyone with links and materials to sing along!


CALLED is a professional musical outfit available for performance.

As part of our mission, we support charitable and fundraising events that foster the faith and aid those in need. 

We perform in both electric and "unplugged" acoustic formats, to best suit the energy and volume needs of the event. 

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